Scurry Book 2: The Drowned Forest (Hardcover) $35

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After a last ditch attempt to find food goes horribly wrong, Two house mice are flung far from home into a wilderness full of ravenous wolves, hungry snakes, and vicious birds of prey. separated in the forest, they must reunite and return home to their nest before its too late.

The cold woods seem like no place for a humble mouse, but many other creatures scrape out a living in the wild. Feral mice stubbornly guard their land from outsiders. a colony of beavers from the north set about damming the river, forming a huge lake that threatens the valley. A mysterious trio of foxes plot in the shadows, but only they know the true motives behind their actions.

And from the east, a stranger arrives, following rumors of a long absent guardian that once protected the forest. but no one knows if this protector is even still alive...

128 pages
Dimensions: 12" X 8"
Language: English
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