Scrawlings: The Art and Sketches of Scurry


With the first three Scurry books wrapped up, I thought you might want to see all the many, many artworks and sketches and other things that went into creating that world over last five years. But that's not all. This book has all kinds of other stuff in it, some of it stretching back 20 years.

Introducing Scrawlings, my first sketchbook and artwork collection.

This is a bit of an "everything but the kitchen sink" collection. Inside you'll find sketches, concepts, studies, illustrations, experiments, and doodles...all kinds of stuff. I'm throwing it all in there. There are some step-by-step process images as well.

But it's not just Scurry stuff. I threw in lots of other artwork I've done over the past few years. You'll also get some sneak peeks at future projects I'm working on, including designs for the next book!

96 pages.
10" X 7"

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